2 Party Options ​

We reserve tables for you and up to 20 guests with a minimum of 10 guests for 2 hrs. You can bring in your desired food, cakes, soft drinks and decorations of whatever theme you choose. One of my staff members will help you set-up and cleanup after your party. OPTION 1: (Regular Fixed Pricing) Each guest may choose their desired cup of frozen yogurt; Small, (3.99) Medium (4.99) or Large (5.99) with 3 free toppings from our sprinkle topping station-all other Premium toppings will be charged at regular price (.49 ea.) OPTION 2: Costs $175 plus tax and includes unlimited medium sized yogurts with 3-free sprinkle toppings and 2-premium toppings for all your guests. On the day of party you may come in as early as needed to set up-we open at 12 everyday. Thank you for considering your locally owned Frozen Yogurt Shop for your birthday memories. Be blessed!